Summer Backdrops in Milwaukee

milwaukee summer social media

Sure, we Wisconsinites have been known to complain about the weather in our state from time to time. Whether we’re just sick of our fifth straight month of snow shoveling by the time March rolls around or whether we chuckle and throw up our hands in unbelief when the weather seemingly turns on a dime, we have to admit we’re guilty as charged.

But for all the commentary we make on the weather, most of us would have to admit that summers in southeastern Wisconsin are golden. The weather is pleasantly warm, the days are long, and even when it’s a bit hot, there’s nothing like an invigorating breeze coming off of Lake Michigan. Yes, despite all the ups and downs of the Milwaukee area climate, we are sure lucky to have the summers we do.

And our beautiful summers aren’t just great for enjoying time outdoors with friends and family – they can be great for business too. Milwaukee summers provide the perfect backdrops for digital marketing campaigns. With social media platforms focusing more and more on photos and videos, summer is great time to use the beautiful backdrops of our region in your social media promotions for your business.

A few ideas: shoot a quick video (even if just on your smartphone) in the Historic 3rd Ward promoting an upcoming sale. Use Lake Michigan as a backdrop for a Facebook post highlighting some of your business’s summer offerings. Or get some great footage of summer festival crowds as you try to your customers excited about summers in Milwaukee.

If you need some more ideas about using this great time of year in Wisconsin to boost a digital marketing campaign, give us a call today at Vertz Marketing, and let us partner with you in helping you grow your business.