This Time, It’s Personal

making your marketing personal in Milwaukee

When it comes to marketing efforts for small and medium-sized businesses, there are more than a couple of common mistakes we see well-meaning business owners make when they take on the task by themselves and without any assistance or experience. And we don’t mention that as a criticism – only because we know we can help and we want to help see the great businesses of the Milwaukee area grow and thrive.

One common mistake we’d like to discuss today comes when an attempt is made to reach too broad an audience. You might be asking yourself, “Isn’t the point of advertising and marketing to get the message out to as many people as possible?” Yes, that is true, but it’s not always that straightforward and simple.

Oftentimes, in a well-intentioned attempt to reach as many people as possible, these business owners end up creating a message that sounds generic, comically over-the-top or idealistic, and just not very genuine at all. The result can be that the target audience is actually turned off rather than engaged. So what is the solution?

At Vertz Marketing our years of experience working with businesses all over Wisconsin have taught us that if a message doesn’t sound genuine and even personal (when appropriate), it will be ignored by the intended audience. Reaching a broad audience while keeping the message fresh, believable, and genuine takes a skilled and nuanced approach, but in the end does yield great results.

If you need assistance putting together a campaign that is both broad-reaching but also feels genuine and even personal for your intended audience, give us a call today at Vertz Marketing, and let us get to work for you.