Using Direct Mail with Mobile Marketing

milwaukee direct mail marketing

Here a stat you can keep in the back of your mind.  The average consumer receives 157 emails per day and 2 pieces of direct mail per day.

Although direct mail can be painfully expensive, if done right direct mail should be part of your marketing plan. The US postal service has recently launched a new program called Every Door Direct Mail® where you can target a specific geography of up to 5,000 pieces and the postage rate is 14.5 cents per piece. This is quite a savings over traditional first class or bulk-rate postage.

However, this approach could still be a large waste of money if it’s not executed properly with the right messaging, design, typography and call to action. One of the topics we spend a great deal of time speaking to our clients about is integrating mobile marketing with their direct mail. Through our mobile marketing approach, we need to think about the type of client we want to attract with a direct mail piece and how we can get that consumer to take action. Some of the approaches we take include:

  • Prominently placing a QR Code that generates an offer in the direct mail piece
  • Easy to return reply card
  • Easy to find URL to a website, specific offer on the website, or mobile coupon

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