Why You Should Be Using PPC for Ecommerce

Ever feel like every time you turn around there’s a new “must-have” marketing tool? We don’t blame you. We often talk about the importance of a variety of tactics and, truly, it all comes down to your business. Our experts in Milwaukee tailor marketing and SEO plans to the needs of your business. For those of you who operate ecommerce sites, we’d like to help you understand why pay per click (PPC) is a valuable tool.

What is pay per click?

PPC is a paid advertising tool which helps boost traffic to your website. Its generally works hand-in-hand with SEO efforts, and also has benefits on the search engine side. PPC ads tend to show towards the top of search results, alongside organic search results. The main goal of PPC ads is to increase exposure of your brand – getting more eyes on your products.

Tracking is essential

Business owners often wonder how they can tell if something is working or not. One of the benefits of PPC advertising is everything is tracked automatically. You can easily see a variety of analytical points like impressions (the number of people who saw your ad), clicks, as well as a breakdown of mobile vs. desktop visitors. These numbers will help you better understand how your ads are performing.

Highly targeted

PPC doesn’t just mean putting your ad on anyone that searches a specific term. Though you can do that if you’d like, there are much more specific targeting options. You want to be sure your money is well spent – this means you’ll want to make changes as time goes on to make your ads as efficient as possible.

If you’d like to learn how your business can benefit from pay per click advertising, contact the SEO experts at Vertz Marketing of Milwaukee today! We’ll help you get the most out of your Adwords efforts.